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Classic tables
Simple form with the highest quality
The Ultra armchair sets a new standard of comfort for conference chairs.
Is an impressive collection of armchairs and sofas to complement the style of hotels and guesthouses
Stoliki SF/SH/SR/SV/SW
Coffee tables are a complement to the offer of chairs and chairs
This is a collection of soft seating furniture, distinguished by its lightness, elegance and refinem
Kolekcja do przestrzeni reprezentacyjnych
Perfectly fits the “sitting & standing” – type solutions.
Gummy bear
Gummy Bear will prove useful in rest areas or hotel lobbies
Mesh is an elegant piece of furniture with a contemporary character.
Tables out
Are tables made of steel, galvanized and powder coated with polyester.
Vancouver Oto
It is an extension of an existing VANCOUVER line.
Voo Voo
Constitutes an interesting proposal of standard sofas, armchairs and systems of sofas.
Modern ROLL bench-supports will prove themselves as an element of the arrangement of public spaces.
Is a system of minimalistic shelves with an interesting and simple geometric structure
The two heights serve as sitting and backrest unit.
Acoustic cabin HAKO
Show: 15 30 45
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